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Living Matrix Massage Therapy


Ener​gy Center

Here Your Healing Sessions Are Designed Specifically For Your Own Personal Body Goals. So you Can Live fully and enjoy what you love to do. Enjoy Your Look Around This Online site for information and Browse what services are offered.  i am sure You will find what best interests you and if you can not decide I am happy to offer you Advice.

A Brief Note About Your Therapist

My name is Stacy Lynn Paradis, I AM Living Matrix Massage Therapy And Energy Center, as i am the one and only massage therapist here. I opened my business in 2012. Besides my massage therapy education; i also have a passion for my own spiritual advancement. Which lead me to the highest multi-dimensional ascension energy healing system. I not only Mastered but I have become it. If i disappear, it is likely that I have turned into light hahahaha. Aside from that possibiltiy, it is my pleasure to be here as my empowered self.

Blessings, Stacy Lynn Paradis

National Board Certified In Therapeutic Massage And Body Work #611570-11, New Hampshire Licensed Massage Therapist #3877 MT

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Route 171 95 Old Granite Road

Ossipee, NH 03864






Monday Through Saturday 9AM - 7PM

By Appointment Only

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