Benefits Of Massage And Body Work
In General And For Medical Diagnosed Conditions

Relieves body aches and pains commonly Migraines, Stress Head Aches, Back Aches etc.

Excellent for Athletic Competitors recovery from strenuous workouts

Arthritis to the degree of taking stain off tissues surrounding joints releasing some pressure.

Reduces the dependency of some medications

Boosts the Immune System through the increased flow of lymph

Improves Circulation which is beneficial for Diabetic conditions that are not in contraindicated stages

Brings blood flow back to skin and surrounding tissues to rejuvenate skin and muscle tone

Increases Flexibilty and Mobility, In Some Conditions people are able to return to walking and climbing stairs with better ease and less dependency on wheel chairs and walking apparatuses. Restoring the flexibility of hands to properly use hands to complete what should be a normal functioning task

Improves Breathing

Sinus Relief

Relief in ear drainage

Improves posture 

Stress Relief

Promotes Relaxation

Reduces Spasms and cramping

promotes tissue regeneration

reduces scar tissue

Reduces depression and anxiety

Increases energy

Get a better nights sleep

Reduce Fibromyalgia flare ups

Improves concentration

Relieve symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Palmar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Relieves Frozen Shoulders

Relieves Constipation 

Golf Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Piriformis Syndrome Also known as Sciatica 

Rounded Shoulders

Spinal Misalignments, tight muscles cause the spine to misalign for added benefit in returning the spine back to its original position it is most helpful to receive a massage before your chiropractic appointments

Improves post operative rehabilitation. An added benefit would be to receive a reiki treatment before an operation.

Improves injury recovery time.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Suggestion: If you are receiving regular Energy Healings and are taking prescription medication you should visit your doctors office for a medication check. Energy healings increase the effectiveness of your medications, so you may need to get a lower dosage. Everyone's body reacts differently to treatments. 

Contraindications: recent trauma including but not limited to fractures, Abscesses, Severe Acne, Sunburn, Fever, Influenza, Heart disease except by doctors permission, Cancer except by doctors permission, All contagious conditions, lice, Flare Stages of certain diseases, Kidney failure. If you are unsure what is contraindicated call and ask.
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