Choose from a variety of services:

Swedish Massage

General relaxation, light flowing, gliding movements. Enhances circulation, increases lymph flow for toxin dumping. Enhances skin and muscle rejuvenation. Helps to release tension holding patterns.

$60 hour, $90  1 1/2 hours

Prenatal Massage

Similar to Swedish massage with all the benefits but this additional support of a growing belly. This massage is done only with uncomplicated pregnancies and with proper pregnancy handling.

 $60 hour, $90  1 1/2 hours

Integrative / Deep Tissue Massage

Massage that incorporates multiple therapy modalities including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. What ever your body needs at the time. This is the massage to get when there are areas that need focused work. Working light to deep, and sometimes going deep to insertion points of muscle connection.

           $70 hour, $105  1 1/2 hours

Myofascial Release

This treatment is the best if you have connective tissue restrictions. Sometimes these restrictions can impair the muscles natural ability to to release thoroughly and can cause restrictions in movement. This treatment is done dry, with no lotion used. It consists of stretches and skin rolling and spreading apart of connective tissue.

$70 Hour $105  1 1/2 hours

Foot Reflexology

There are reflexes in the feet,  that have corresponding referral areas to every part of the body. Through applying pressure on these areas, the entire body can benefit. Relieving tension, improving circulation and help promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

$35 ½ hour

Hot Stone Massage

Is a full body massage using heated stones. The heat from this treatment really penetrates into muscle belly layers to help alleviate those problem areas.Caution treatment is very stimulating  to the lymphatic system and can leave you with a drunk feeling when it is over. Extra time to regain yourself so you can drive is recommended. This is not a treatment to receive if you are in a hurry.

$115  1 1/2 hour 

Marconics No-Touch Advanced Multi Dimensional Energy Treatment

Incrementally, increasing your personal frequency with every Marconic Advanced No -Touch Session.

$75 hour

Marconic Recalibration 
-The Human Upgrade-
A Two Day Treatment, One Hour Each Day.

Check out the Marconics Page for more information

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